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On March 13 2020 the National Midwifery Organization published strict measures to take against the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID-19. We ask for your understanding in following these measures. We are implementing them for your health and for ours as healthcare provider.


· The period between your prenatal visits will become longer. This means you will visit us less frequent. This measure will be effective until at least March 31.

The appointments that have already been planned will be adjusted to the new schedule as shown below. We will call you if your meeting needs to be rescheduled. Please note that when we call you it might be with a blocked number. We will continue to call you until we have spoken to you.

If we do not call you, your visit will go through as planned, assuming you do not show any signs of the virus.

o Prenatal visits:

- First meeting: by phone

- First trimester ultrasound: in the ultrasound clinic

- Meeting about prenatal tests: by phone

- 16 weeks: short physical visit at our clinic

- 19-21 weeks: ultrasound in the ultrasound clinic

- 27 weeks: short physical visit at our clinic

- 31 weeks: short physical visit at our clinic

- 35 weeks: short physical visit at our clinic

- 37 weeks: short physical visit at our clinic

- 39 weeks: short physical visit at our clinic

- 40 weeks: short physical visit at our clinic

- 41 weeks: short physical visit at our clinic

· If you have a fever, signs of a cold or signs of the flu stay at home and do not come to our clinic.

· Do not bring your partner, children or anybody else with you to the visits at our clinic. If they want to be part of the visit, they can (video)call.

· We will not shake your hand at our visit.

· The visits at our clinic will be as short as possible. We will measure your blood pressure, check the growth of your uterus and the baby and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Any questions that you have will be answered by phone. This measure focusses on keeping physical contact to a minimum between everybody in the waiting room and the meeting room.


· At this moment you still have a choice where you want the delivery to take place. Both at home or in the hospital. During a hospital delivery you can bring a maximum of one person. After the birth you cannot receive guests at the hospital.

· We are in close contact with all hospitals in our region in order to make the safest arrangements for each delivery.

Postnatal period

· The postnatal visits will be done by phone. We will use videocalling or come over when medically needed.

Of course safety for you and your baby is the most important during the strict measures.

Here is a list of events in which you have to call us on 0162-312834:

· Vaginal blood loss

· Vaginal fluid loss/broken membranes

· Fever higher than 38 Celsius, measured rectally

· Pain in your belly and/or back that comes and goes if you are not 37 weeks pregnant yet.

· If you do not feel the baby move as you know it or not at all and you have passed 28 weeks pregnancy.

· If you are vomiting and at risk of dehydration.

We hope this has given you enough information about the strict measures. You can always call or ask questions in de e-consult on our website: www.verloskundigenluna.nl.

Thank you again for understanding the measures that we all need to take to minimize the spread of the corona virus.

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